I do not think humans have achieved any systems of thought which are comprehensively ethical, inclusive, and beneficial. I do enjoy investigating how people think. It’s fascinating to analyze what seems to help and what seems to hurt. I do not consider my thoughts to be comprehensively correct, useful, or authoritative. I do think my thoughts are valuable and compelling. I find that sharing them is a double edged sword. That sword can be used in a playful fencing match that brings people together, or it can be a hurtful sword that divides people. Sometimes it is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and prove it. Sometimes silence allows harmful voices to ring louder.

I wish to proceed with the precaution that the sword of my thoughts is swung with a blunt tip – in a way that I do not intend to cause harm. There are a few groups that I feel I have been harmed by – where even a blunt tip can carry a lot of emotion behind it. I may be striking with the intent to injure these groups. I have personal bias against Christianity, America, Drug companies, The American Healthcare System, The American Public Education System, and various mean people. I realize, overall, my thoughts are just my thoughts. I do not take them too seriously, but I hope that you will consider them and reply if you can help me think in a better way or offer an amusing idea.

February 26th 2022