Who is Bringerofmelody?

Greggles is an artist and musician from North Carolina. He makes music under the name tongueandbass and has built a following by taking his silly mouth-noises seriously. He paints, draws, and photographs many subjects from faces & clouds to forest life & disc golf. All of his artwork is influenced by Synchromism – the best system for combining music theory and color theory.  Greggles spontaneously creates melodies and songs based on his emotions throughout the day; intense experiences cause him to hallucinate spectacular colors when he closes his eyes.

The Twelve Steps are Giant Steps is a series of acrylic paintings and poems that show the fatal nature of addiction. Some people can float along holding the Magic-8-Ball-of-Fate like a balloon. Others are dragged down by it like a ball and chain. Some have their identities totally obscured by it. Living with a personal addiction or caring for an addict is like sitting beneath the sword of Damocles. 

Continuum is a series of stain paintings that captures moments in a process. Multiple canvases are stretched together and painted through the front and back – representing forwards and backwards movement in time. Paint seeps into each canvas and dries. The layers are then separated like the layers of sediment in the geologic time scale. Each layer is shown as an individual moment and as part of an animation. The end result is a question: Do moments really exist? Or is everything in life part of a deterministic process that cannot be isolated from what came before and what will come after?

Drawings for Strangers is an unfinished blog that chronicles the sketches Greggles’ gave to helpful characters he met along the Missippi River with his friend “Boots.”